Diamonds are a Crook's Best Lure

Is too good for true...

The session started out with all three of the players marching their own path to meet with Duke Nesslan. Along the way there was a broken down carriage which hosted a trap laid by the nefarious Bandalini brothers.

Cassius was the first to encounter the carriage, but did so from distance and under the cover of stealth. Before he could investigate more closely, Slocum the pirate-barbarian happened upon the broken down carriage, halting the big man’s poorly sung sea chantey. Slocum managed to detect and avoid the trap set by the Bandalini Brothers and backed away from it, heading back along his way down the road.

Before Cassius could investigate the carriage himself, Quintas, a peculiar monk, arrived upon the scene, rushing towards the carriage concerned that there might be injured parties nearby. Upon investigating, he too realized that this is in fact a trap and even spots some of the Brothers Bandalini who tell him to have a look inside. All too aware of what his fate might be should he accommodate, Quintas began to take his leave. But before he was out of earshot, the leader of this brotherly troupe hurled an insult at Quintas’ sexuality. Quintas turned around demanding an apology, for which none was offered, and combat ensued with the three brothers squaring off against the one small monk.

Cassius made his appearance during the conflict to insist that the fight remain ‘fair.’ When it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen, Cassius stuck one of the brothers in the leg with his spear. The shouts caught the attention of the barbarian who started to run back towards the carriage thinking he’d perhaps heard a barbarian yelp. After a little back and forth swinging from all parties the barbarian arrived on the scene so startled by the odd appearance of Quintas that he barreled into one of the brothers, whom was held at spear-point by Cassius. The poorly Bandalini Brother found himself helplessly skewered to death. The battle was over shortly after that.

Quintas inflicted serious pain upon the Bandalini leader, demanding a sincere apology and stabbing both of his feet into the dirt with daggers. Eventually, the monk’s rage wore off and he tended the wounded leg of the third, yet-living brother and offered some less-than-comforting words to the leader on his way back down the road.

Everyone headed to town, but parted ways shortly after getting to the Town of Nesslan.

Quintas managed to find the ruins of the monastery, which he had been sent to investigate. Inside of the hulking, burned out ruins was peculiar. Evidence of fire was found throughout the monastery; anything combustible had been turned to ash. All the stained glass had been shattered, though not as a means of escape since the windows were too narrow for a man to fit through. In the main hall, Quintas found cloth covering three cube shapes of various sizes—a huge one in the center of the hall and two smaller ones beside the hall’s main entrance. After taking the cover off the large cube, he found it to be a 20’ glass cube. After removing the cloth from another, smaller box, he found another glass cube with a black, two-headed monkey with a frightened visage on both faces imprisoned within the glass.

Cassius, who had grabbed the gem from the carriage had it appraised; it was of no worth to the jeweler having come from Garden Home, and little more than glass. The barbarian stopped at the first ‘decent’ tavern he could find and was shortly joined by Cassius after his failed appraisal.

The session ended with Cassius and Slocum enjoying some brew and camaraderie in the tavern before heading to see the Duke and with Quintas about to investigate the 3rd, covered cube.



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