Intrigues begin to emerge

Notes for Game 2
The session starts still on Merco, the 4th day of Farris in the late afternoon. (June 13, 2006 in reality)

A game of Triskill is played between Marqsam, Captain Sinclair, and Roscius with Marqsam gaining an obvious early upper hand and caused the others to fold, thus winning 40 pieces of gold.

It is discovered that the pirate has ordered Tanwaya to fill his entire hull with rum and [mumbaye].

(The pirate called “Teeth” pictured at right)

Somehow a Royal Navy ship manages to get a couple of its crewmembers ashore in the bay with Bishop Malthus in tow. Malthus presents Sagesse the letter from the Cardinal he was asked to deliver to me as well as shares his own orders for while he is on the island.

Some sort of argument starts between the Navy men and the Captain’s men. Sagesse intervenes as blood is about to be spilled asking for the men to act more civilized.

The Captain gathers the men and heads back to ship with plans of returning the next day to have his hull filled.

An inventory is taken of the islands rum and mumbaye and Sagesse has to give Tanwaya the grim news that there is nowhere near enough goods to come even close to filling his hull.

The pirates return the next day with an extra hand, who goes by the name of Teeth, and Tanwaya offers just a little less than Sagesse’s estimate of the maximum amount of goods they could hope to spare and still survive.

The pirate captain begrudgingly agrees if his pouch is returned to him, which, it is discovered, is being held by Roscius.

Roscius refuses to turn over the bag and catches the Captain and his crew off guard by spilling the fact that the captain is in fact running a skeleton crew of just 7 men and thus not in the best position make demands. The pirates all stand up, drawing weapons.

A combat ensues with Marqsam making quick work of Teeth, disarming him and forcing him to the sand.

Sagesse takes on the Captain eventually downing him after taking a minor wound to his leg.
Feeling outmatched, Scalp and Sixteen head for shore with Marqsam and Malthus close behind.

End of Session



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