Party books passage on the carnival vessel

Notes for Game 5
(Played July 25, 2006)

[The session picks up with the party on the carnival ship moving through the exhibits. The party has just finished perusing the mermaid and is moving on to the next act.]

At this point Sagesse and Aiden move on to the next show leaving yet another party member behind, Marqsam. (The bishop and bard were left behind at an earlier exhibit)
In the next stall is a pair of lions. Aiden notes that some of the wooden slats that hold the cats in are coming loose but neglects to mention it to anyone. Aiden and Sagesse move on to the next act.

The next act is a magician in the ‘non-arcane’ sense. He appears to have an eye that can be removed.

Meanwhile back at the mermaid tank, Marqsam climbs up to the top of the tank and is greeted with a kiss from the mermaid. Shunk and Thunk sneak up behind Marqsam with Shunk stating loudly, “you might wanna be careful, she’s kinda dangerous!” The mermaid is startled and bites down hard on Marqsam’s lip drawing blood. Thunk grabs Marqsam and sets him back down on the deck of the ship.

Marqsam protests, “you scared away my mermaid Damn it!”
Shunk “I saved your life, she wouldn’t have stopped at your lip.”
Marqsam “I might have been happy to die that way!”
While Shunk and Marqsam discuss the nature of mermaids, the one-eyed magician wraps up his show and the party is ushered to the next stall. Julius shows the party an elephant with two trunks. Marqsam, Shunk, and Thunk all catch back up to the group and head to the other side of the boat to more acts.

After receiving a warning from Julius that some of the attractions are dangerous he reveals a very hairy man that he claims to be a werewolf.

After that the party is shown to a stall containing two tigers.

At the next act Julius reminds everyone to, “Remember that all the human attractions have feelings. Please try not to respond in horror.” The curtain is drawn and sitting prim and proper in an elegant chair sits a man with charcoal black skin, a tail and two small white horns protruding from his head. The creature says, “Hello ladies and gentlemen, how do you do?” Some of the islanders murmur over the strangeness of the creature.

Creature speaks up again and asks, “Why, doesn’t anyone have even a single question for such a wonderful sight as myself?”
Sagesse steps to the front and asks, “What are you?”
Creature “I am a man, young boy, that is all… I swear by the source.” The creature then chuckles over his remark. Shortly after that the creature walks forward towards Sagesse and says,
Creature “I see something special in you though, what are you little boy?”
Sagesse feels an otherworldliness radiating from this creature and responds, “I am but a priest.”
Creature “Ahh a priest, why I’d like to shake your hand,” the creature states, extending his hand towards Sagesse. Sagesse extends his hand to the creature and just before contact is made he casts the armor spell on himself.
Creature “Pleased to meet you, I hope to call you friend. Can I call you friend?”
Sagesse “Call me what you wish, my name is Sagesse.”
Concerned, Aiden and Marqsam step up on either side of Sagesse. Shunk gets the ringmaster’s attention and Julius barks out, “Please get back, get back,” and pulls Sagesse away from the black skinned creature.

Julius then announces that everyone should move along to then next act.
Aiden, somewhat concerned, asks Sagesse, “Are you alright?”
Sagesse replies, “I am fine, thank you for your concern. I am not entirely convinced that that was a man.”

The group arrives at the next stall to see a stripped horse from Jaffra. After a short gander at the stripped horse the group moves on to the next stall, which contains a very graceful, but one legged, ballerina.

After watching the ballerina’s act Julius announces that this is the end of the show for the women and children who are ushered out and onto the large departure skiff.

The next stall contains a dog fight, upon which many bets are placed. The fight is an extremely gruesome one in which one of the dogs is severely torn up. During the fight, Marqsam sneaks back off to the mermaid tank passing Malthus along the way. Malthus joins the group watching the dog fight just as the fight has ended. Once the fight is over the victorious dog is removed from the body of the loosing canine. Sagesse makes a motion and heals the fallen dog of some of its wounds to try and keep it from dying. Julius and some others gathered around notice the healing but do not mention anything about it.

Julius announces that there is one more act left. The final act is one of a man who forces an arrow through his skull. The act appears to be genuine and the man goes through some convulsions in the process of completing the act but manages to get the arrow completely through his skull. Julius announces that the shows for today are over and that it is time to head back to the departure craft.

Aiden and Sagesse have a discussion about whether or not this is the boat they need to book passage on. Sagesse manages to convince the prince that this is where we are being led and this is indeed the boat we should take. As Sagesse and the prince are boarding the departure skiff the prince starts to discuss booking passage on the ship with Julius.

Back at the mermaid tank Marqsam is once again enjoying himself perched at the top of the tank.
Malthus makes his way back over to the mermaid tank and observes Marqsam and the mermaid’s activities. Not long after Malthus arrives at the tank Marqsam is pulled into the tank of water by the mermaid to the back of the tank.

Malthus steps up to the glass, knocking on it with his fist.

The mermaid presses something into Marqsam’s hand. [which is later discovered allowed him to breathe underwater]
Julius is about to send off the departure vessel when everyone hears Shunk shout “Stop!” Which sends Julius, Aiden, and Sagesse running back into the carnival ship.
Everyone rushes to the mermaid tank to see Malthus standing in front of the tank, scimitar in hand as if about to strike at the glass. Malthus protests, “I think we lost a member,” pointing at the tank with his weapon.
Shunk looks shockingly at the tank and yells “Julius! She got one of them!”
Julius, “What? How can that happen? How long has be been in there?”
Aiden throws his sword belt to the ground and starts climbing up the side of the tank.
Julius orders Shunk and Thunk to break the glass. Malthus swings at the glass with the pommel of scimitar, chipping the glass. Shunk and Thunk also lay into the glass, Shunk with his sword and Thunk with his fists causing some cracks to form in the large glass plate.
Sagesse casts ‘Breath Water’ on Aiden but severely miscalculates while casting, failing miserably but thinking he had succeeded.
Aiden climbs further up to the top of the tank. Malthus takes a few more swings at the glass sending more chips flying from the pane and some water begins to trickle from a crack that’s formed. Shunk takes a mighty swing at the glass causing a large crack to form as well as causing glass shards and water to spray forth.
Malthus dives away from the glass avoiding the jagged shards. Thunk grabs the prince as the prince is diving into the tank causing the prince to land sharply on the top of the glass tank causing a slight injury to Aiden.
The glass completely gives way causing a wall of water and shards of glass to rush over those near the tank.
Everyone manages to avoid being harmed by the wave of water, Aiden is helped by Thunk who places the prince over his shoulder.
At the end of the rush of water the party notices the bottom part of a mermaid floating towards them and look up slightly to notice Marqsam in the throws of passion with a naked woman.
Malthus comments to the prince, “How much money do you have?” which is overheard by Julius who quickly chimes in, “Yes, how much money do you have?”
Thunk sets down the prince who takes in the whole display before him and can’t help but burst into laughter.
Julius directs his gaze towards the two lovers and protests, “For the Source’s sake! Shunk, separate them!”
Malthus and Sagesse both turn their backs towards the whole affair.
Thunk throws Marqsam’s wet trousers at him. Marqsam tries to compose himself putting his trousers back on.
As luck would have it, one of the lion’s in the stall close by manages to get out of its pen through some damaged boards. Aiden quickly states the obvious, “Hey there’s a lion!”
Malthus turns towards the lion, holding his ground, as the lion approaches and draws his scimitars. When the lion gets close enough Malthus swings a flurry of strikes at the great cat landing multiple blows.
Aiden moves behind the gorilla and heads towards his sword belt. Meanwhile Marqsam continues to struggle with is wet trousers.
Shunk moves Thunk between Malthus and the lion yelling at the beast, “Leo, get back!” Thunk has one of his hands on the lion’s head and tries to push it away. Malthus steps to the side and takes a defensive posture, happy to let the large ape take control of the situation.
The other lion, curious about the commotion, appears at the opening that Leo came out from.
Sagesse steps forward and heals the lion in an attempt to calm it.
Aiden hastily crosses by the opening where the second cat has presented its self in order to get to his sword belt, trying not to provoke an attack, and asks Shunk, “Are these things going to kill us?”
Julius says loudly, “I though you had a plan!”
Shunk responds to Aiden by saying, “Nigh,” then moves Thunk back a bit and tells the cat, “Leo, get back in yer cage,” in a calm yet stern voice.
In response Leo rears up and lunges towards the prince. The prince tumbles out of the way of the attack and tries to distance himself from the large cats.
The female cat, noticing Leo’s behavior, leaps out of the pin after the prince who in another flamboyant maneuver narrowly evades the claws of a great cat and is now positioned out of site of the rest of the part on the other side of the partition that separates the two halls of stalls.
Sagesse, too fatigued to be of any help, steps back and takes a defensive posture.
Aiden heads towards a stall with a curtain. Marqsam finally manages to secure his pants and starts to head out of the newly destroyed tank.
Thunk climbs to the top of the partition carrying Shunk on his back.
Malthus steps towards Leo and strikes the beast with both of his scimitars. Leo, now severely injured, turns towards Malthus and bites at his groin narrowly missing flesh but ripping away a large portion of the front of Malthus’s robe.
The other lion rushes the prince ripping into Aiden’s leg, tearing flesh.
Aiden dives through the curtain into the stall but gets caught up in the curtain and doesn’t make it into the stall. Marqsam moves past Leo in an attempt to get to the prince to offer aid.
Thunk bounds off the wall and lands between the lion and the prince. Shunk draws his sword in midair.
Malthus lands another blow on Leo’s left paw and the lion begins to retreat and heads back to its cage.
Aiden moves into the stall with help from the black skinned creature. (secret time)
Marqsam moves around to the other side of the partition and yells for Aiden.
Shunk yells at the remaining lion, “Get back in yer cage Lucy” The lion backs up and starts to head back towards its cage but stops, surprised by the appearance of Marqsam.
Aiden pulls down the curtain to the black creature’s stall.
Marqsam deftly maneuvers out of Lucy’s way. The Shunk and Thunk duo manage to corral the remaining lion back into its cage and stand guard over the cage until it can be repaired.
Aiden tends to his wound, doing more harm than good.
Sagesse begins to recover some of his spent energy.
After about ten minutes Julius comes back with the werewolf man who is carrying a ladder and some tools.
Marqsam, concerned about the prince’s wound, asks if they have any healers on board. Julius informs him that they do not.
Noting Marqsam’s comment Sagesse comes out of his trance and heads over to Aiden, placing his hands on the wound in the prince’s leg. Sagesse manages to heal the wound but passes out in the process.
Malthus starts to carry Sagesse while Marqsam helps up the prince.
Julius states to the group, “Well gentlemen, I have something of a financial problem and I want to know exactly what it is you are going to do to help me with it.”
Malthus mentions that he has a little gold to offer and continues carrying Sagesse towards the departure boat.

Julius “Well we are going to have to figure out exactly what it going to take to replace this glass. It can’t be done here I’d imagine. It is kind of a small island and you guys don’t have glassmakers.”
Aiden “I’m not exactly sure who broke the glass but … “
Julius “It doesn’t matter who broke the glass, it’s your fault!” he says pointing at Marqsam.
Marqsam “My fault sir?”
Julius “You were the one who was fucking my mermaid!”
Marqsam “There was no ‘no fucking the mermaid sign’ and you didn’t mention a charge for such a service.”
Julius “The rule is implicit.”
Aiden “Perhaps we can work something out.”
Julius “I would love to work something out.”
Aiden “Well I don’t know if you noticed but my young friend here when he met the black skinned creature but I am fairly sure that you did.”
Julius “Oh, yeah.”
Aiden “He’s an interesting fellow and since we owe you something, perhaps we could work it off. There are other skills that my friends have, for instance we have quite an accomplished singer and entertainer who is traveling with us.”
Julius “Hmm … what is this entertainer’s name?”
Aiden “Roscius.”
Julius “Roscius Forscythe?”
Aiden “That’d be the one … and only.”
Julius laughs, “Alright, now obviously I’m into the con game, not everything here is exactly as it seems but I seriously doubt that Roscius Forscythe is one of your party.”
& Aiden both ask in unison, “You wanna bet?”
Julius “I think that the better thing to do would be to determine the value of that piece of glass so that you fellas can figure out a way of paying me back.”
Aiden “Lets continue to talk while we walk back this way.” (towards the departure boat) “Have you ever met Roscius?”
Julius “No I have not, I have only heard tales of him.”
Aiden “Then how would you know if he is here or not?”
Julius “Honestly, under the circumstances I don’t know that you can prove Roscius Forcythe is in your company. There is just no way.”
Aiden “Well then it should be an interesting ride back to the island.”
Shunk “How do you know Roscius is who he says he is?”
Aiden “Because we know him.”
Marqsam “Roscius has proven himself in the are for which he is known for. He is not much of a combatant but he is a very accomplished singer.”
The party gets back to the departure boat and Julius announces, “Roscius Forcythe stand forth and show yourself.” An islander announces that Rocisus has fainted.
Julius laughs, “Well, I will take you guys ashore but Shunk and Thunk, I want you to accompany us. I don’t really want to let these men out of our sight until we’ve reached a bargain.” The barge is loaded and heads back to shore.
Julius tells the group, “We are looking at about four to five hundred gold for a piece of glass that size.”
Thunk is heard whimpering and it is noted that the ape took a wound to his elbow trying to corral the cats. Julius notes, “I don’t even know how much it costs to repair a gorilla.”

Aiden “Regardless of how much you think it will cost, we don’t have it, so we are going to have to work out some other agreement and I see no other way to do that except by taking us on board under your employ.”
Julius “Do you care to look after these fellows Shunk?”
Shunk “No,” chuckling, “How many lands have we traveled to sir and never once had such a problem?”
Julius “I don’t know that I’ve appreciated your company so well as to have it … lets see … if I were to pay you 5 silver a day … 10 years … ?”
Marqsam “Roscius is worth more than 5 silver a day!”
Julius “Yes Roscius Forscythe would be, is he still asleep? Mr. Roscius Forscythe?”
Aiden “We are not without skills.” Shunk chuckles.
Julius “What kind of skills do you have?”
Shunk “Besides destroying ships.”
Marqsam “Now wait a minute here, I had nothing to do with destroying anything and don’t even tell me she was a virgin!”
Julius “This is all your fault!”
Aiden “Wouldn’t you be better suited, well obviously not here it is such a small place, but I assume you travel to bigger towns, bigger ports?”
Julius “Yes, were headed to Jaffa”
Aiden “Wouldn’t you like to bring more people on board? Wouldn’t you like ot go out into the city and bring in more business and someone like say, myself, lead the group around and introduce your wonderful acts?”
Julius “We attract attention by showing people amazing things that they’ve never seen before. I think that we get plenty of attention when our dwarf rides a gorilla through town.”
Julius describes the various acts he can parade through town to get attention and raises the costs to the party realize that one of his lions will likely not survive it’s injuries.

Aiden “I bet if you wait you won’t be down any lions at all.”
Julius “I am fairly certain that lion is in the throws of death.”
Aiden “Wanna bet?”
Julius “I don’t exactly care to bet that my lion dies. I really won’t have a chance of winning either way.”
Aiden “I’ll bet that your lion doesn’t die and I bet your lion will fully recover.”
Marqsam “If you bring us on board.”
Julius “What is it that you want to do in Jaffa? Why are you trying to get there?”
Aiden “We are just trying to get away from here.”
Julius “Is it that hard?”
Aiden “You are the first ship since we made our decision to leave. You are the first ship, don’t you feel lucky?”
Julius “No, I kind of wish we were the second. I am interested more in you money than your help. Shunk, if the decision were up to you, would you want these people on your ship?”
Shunk “We’ll have to replace the lion until he heals. I suppose we could add a demonstration or two. This one (Malthus) is good with a sword.” Shunk looks over to the collapsed form of Sagesse and says, “We saw him, it is unique, we have not seen that before.”
Julius “Well, it is a consideration.”
Shunk “But we still need gold.”
Julius “Even working for free is not going to pay off the kind of money it would take to replace a lion and the glass. The glass alone is expensive.”
Shunk “And a mermaid that is likely with child at the moment.”
Julius “That is another problem, if he comes aboard, what if she wants to leave with him?”
Marqsam “She is not really a mermaid.”
Julius “She has her talents.”
Marqsam “She does, I’ll give you that.”
Julius “A woman of her beauty and stupidity is almost impossible to replace.”
Aiden “She won’t be coming with us.”
Julius “She’s a prize.”
Aiden “She won’t be coming with us.”
The party reaches shore and Sagesse wakes up as the boat hits the sand. Julius announces to the islanders on shore that, “there has been a slight delay for the next show.”
Malthus attempts to wake up Roscius who merely groans. Malthus notices a large welt on Roscius’s arm.”
Sagesse in his fatigued state fails to offer any assistance to the bard but does inform everyone that the wound appears to have come from a wasp indigenous to the island.
Julius makes another announcement and says, “We will be back again conducting business in the morning for certain.” On that note the crowd disburses and Julius asks the group, “Gentlemen, where are we going to finish this discussion?” as he gestures towards the Sugar Rum Hut.
As the group approaches the Sugar Rum Hut Tanwaya notices the party, “What’s goin’ on whit you guys? What’s wrong whit heem,” she asks pointing at Sagesse. “You look tired … take a lot out of you over der?” Sagesse nods. “How come dey not let anyone else on da boat?”

Malthus “There were complications.”
Tanwaya “Complicated huh … what wrong wit heem,” pointing at the bard.She is shown the wound on Roscius’s arm, “Wooo das a bad one! Looks like he got stung by a yellow jacket. Let me go my hut, I be right back.” Tanwaya leaves and the party takes a table at the Sugar Rum Hut.
Julius “Ok gentlemen, is this all you have to offer is your services?”
Aiden asks Sagesse, “Can you heal the lion?”
Sagesse “I can attempt to, I can make no promises as to the source’s will.”
Aiden “Not today but later.”
Sagesse “If it is alive I can probably help it, we will have to see.”
Marqsam gets a shot of rum for himself and Shunk.
Julius notices and says, “Hey now, now what do we have there?”
Marqsam “Just some rum and since he helped save my friend I am showing my appreciation.”
Julius “I do believe some of that is owed this direction.”
Marqsam “Then I will get more and serve you myself.”
Julius “Now here’s a man who understands business a little better.” After a short pause he continues. “I would be willing to take less but I don’t know that I want additional entertainment. I would basically be interested in the boy, he has abilities. I don’t know about the rest of you, you have really offered me anything.”
Marqsam “How about if … first off I understand you do not believe that Roscius is who we claim he is which is understandable. Lets just assume he is not Roscius … I would be willing to wager that once you hear him play you will recognize that he is a bard of significant caliber.”
Julius “Ok.”
Marqsam “I feel I can speak for him and I am sure he’d be willing to perform for you.”
Malthus “Are you sure this is the boat we are to take?”
Aiden “I do.”
Marqsam “Do you?” sounding surprised.
Sagesse nods.
Aiden looks to Julius and says, “You’re going to be here until tomorrow anyway.”
Julius “We will, maybe for longer than that.”
Aiden “Give him (Sagesse) a chance to recover and you will be impressed.”
Julius “I will be considering these things, in the mean time I hold you responsible for this,” pointing at Marqsam, “if your friends wish to help you then so be it. Shunk, I am leaving you in charge of making sure he (Marqsam) doesn’t go anywhere until we leave.”
Shunk “Ok but I don’t swim.”
Julius “You are not allowed to swim,” he states to Marqsam.
Marqsam “Evidently … even though my actions were not to your liking, they were mutual.”
Julius “It hadn’t happened anywhere else we’ve gone.”
Marqsam “She didn’t take a fancy to anybody else?”
Shunk “You see the girl is stupid though and I don’t believe you are, therefore you should still be responsible.”
Julius “I will consider the offer but I’m not so sure I like it. Without even hearing him I’m not really interested in him. We really aren’t in that kind of business, we are more in the ‘shock’ business. This one, (Sagesse) that’s interesting. You sould have a career.”
Sagesse “I do not believe that is where my career lies.”
Julius “I will give it thought but we will be here for at least a day. We’ve got to make money while we are here and there are plenty of islanders that have not been aboard yet. For now I’d be willing to take the price of three sugar rums off the tab.”
Malthus jokes, “They are one hundred gold a piece.”
Julius “That is not what I saw traded. We’ll call it one gold. For now you gentlemen feel free to converse amongst yourselves. Perhaps you can come up with a better way to get some gold because that is truly what I am interested in. I bid you Farwell for now,” and Julius walks away and starts to talk to some of the native ladies.
Malthus “While I do not like it I do feel we owe him some restitution for the damage we caused.”
Sagesse “Agreed.”
Malthus “I have some gold.”
Sagesse “As you said to me before on the beech, ‘You’re lucky I like you,’” directing his comment towards Marqsam.
Marqsam points out that they have some form of magic that allows the mermaid woman to breath water.
Aiden “Well if you are sure this is the boat we need to get on then we need to figure out a way to get on it.”
Sagesse “You did just get a delivery did you not?” referring to his recent allowance.
Aiden “True.”
Sagesse “We have some funds to give him.”
Aiden “I don’t really know how much money we have. I don’t really know how much the allowance is.”
Malthus “Lets assume it is in the neighborhood of five hundred gold, which is very high to me. If we can come up with that I am not sure what we would live on once we are off the boat. I unfortunately have no means to get an allowance.”
Marqsam “That much would buy us a small army.”
Shunk “Why do you need to get on my captain’s boat so bad?”
Sagesse “We have plans to go.”
Shunk “I heard something about funds.”
Marqsam “We have some funds but we aren’t going to destitute ourselves over this.”
Shunk stands up in his chair and smiles, “You know my word has some bearing on the captain.”
Marqsam offers Shunk another rum.
Shunk “I’m just wondering how much funds you have.”
Marqsam “We have some funds but I’ll have to count how much. It is not anywhere near the amount your captain asks.”
Shunk “I would speculate that if it is more important for you to save a bit of gold or to be on my captain’s ship, you should not need to retain them. However, depending on how many funds you have and how many land upon my purse my word has some bearing with the captain.”
Malthus “So if we bribe you, you will put in a good word for us.”
Sagesse “You can get us on the ship?”
Shunk “I can assist you.”
Malthus “At least that gives us an alternative option.”
Sagesse “It is not exactly bribery, he’s offering a service to get us on the ship and if we work off our debt there then so be it.”
Aiden “Well, if we don’t give him any money he’s got no choice. He’s either got to kill us, which he can’t do, or take us with him.”
Little else of consequence happens or is discussed for the rest of the evening. The party goes to their respective spots to rest. Shunk and Thunk guard the door to Marqsam and Aiden’s hut and Roscius is in Tanwaya’s care.
[* New Day – It is now the 10th Day of Farris *]
Sagesse spends the first four hours of his morning organizing his journals for documentation. Everyone eventually meets up at the Sugar Rum Hut.
Marqsam starts the morning trying to loosen up the dwarf some more by offering him more rum and mumbaye. [secret time for the dwarf]

Aiden “So what is the plan.”
Malthus asks Sagesse, “So your plan is to stay with the prince then?”
Sagesse “Yes sir.”
Malthus “Even though you were told to stay here?”
Sagesse “I haven’t been told to stay here, I was told to come here and document their religion. That part of my journey is finished. I walk the path of Linus, my path is where I see it should go that I might finally release this shackle and wear white robes of my own.”
Marqsam “I could stand to dally with the mermaid some more, so we can take the ship if you so desire my friend. Do we tell them who you are?” he asks the prince.
Aiden “I don’t think so.”
Marqsam “I don’t either.”
Aiden “So what do you think? How should we play this? Payment to the dwarf to get on board?”
At that point a loud cry is heard alerting everyone. An islander, Gerron’s cousin Johna, is running and yelling towards the Sugar Rum Hut. Gerron’s cousin goes on to detail that something swooped from the sky and snatched Boombaya, a child, and flew off towards the plateau.
The party decides to see if they can find Boombaya and the creature that snatched him. Because Shunk has to keep an eye on Marqsam he joins the group as well. Gerron’s cousin comes with the party as well. The party gears up and heads out.
Johna leads the party towards the place where they gather rocks. About forty-five minutes into the journey it about noon and the party is in a forested area. It starts to rain.
The prince is surprisingly stung in the neck by a yellow jacket. Aiden, though painfully stung, manages to move on, not suffering the ill effects that Roscius had from his yellow jacket sting.
Sagesse looks around and locates an herb for the part to rub on themselves to repel insects to avoid future attacks from yellow jackets.
After about another hour of travel through the forest the part is startled by a croak. While most of the group reacts quickly and wisely ducks their heads, Shunk is caught unaware and takes a vicious blow to the head from a stone toad, causing him to slide off of Thunk.
The party then hears a cacophony of croaks all around them. Everyone save for the ape gets down low to the ground to avoid incoming stone toads.
Noticing that Thunk is more curious than cautious, Sagesse enchants the ape with the stone skin spell to protect him from the impending stone toad attacks. Thunk is pummeled by a barrage of stone toads to the head. Though the stone skin spell was able to protect the curious ape from physical harm, the repeated shock from several stone toads hitting him about the head causes Thunk to slump back unconscious pinning his master, Shunk, to the ground.
Sagesse crawls back to inspect the ape to offer aid and try to revive the gorilla but his unfamiliarity with the species makes it too difficult for him to succeed. Sagesse then declares, “If we wait long enough they will leave,” referring to the stone toads.
So the party reluctantly waits for the stone toads to stop croaking and after about eight minutes no one can hear any more stone toads. Aiden decides to stand up and move along but quickly has to duck back down to the ground as two more stone toads fly by his head.
The toads all begin to start croaking again all around the party. Knowing that the party cannot afford to waste much more time Sagesse finds a ‘head’ sized stone and stands up, placing the stone in his cupped hands above his head. The decoy head attracts the stone toads and the party is able to move along at a somewhat quick pace and after about 15 minutes there’s no more sign of stone toads around.
Shortly after leaving the stone toad area the party come up to the base of the plateau which appears before them at the very edge of the forest.
It is about 2:30 pm in game time and the rain is starting to let up some at this point.
End of Session



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