Suspicions arise among the party

Notes for Game 3

(The game picks up in the middle of the combat from the previous session:)
- The Prince is asleep in his hut.
- Marqsam and Malthus are chasing after two pirates, Scalp and Sixteen, that are fleeing towards their boat on the shore.
- Sagesse is standing over the collapsed form of the Pirate Captain Sinclair.
- Roscius is standing beside Sagesse.
- A third pirate, Teeth, is headed towards the boat as well but is some distance behind Malthus.

Marqsam manages to out run the pirates and jumps into their boat before they can begin to push it out to sea.

(The pirate called Scalp pictured at right) Scalp

The two pirates closest to the boat quickly halt noticing Marqsam in their vessel and a quick parlay ensues.

The pirates argue that they just need the captain and they will be on their way. (Malthus and Teeth catch up to the group)

After some smartass remarks by Marqsam the pirates, frustrated, go on the offensive.

Malthus and Marqsam make quick work of the pirates but during the battle cannon fire erupts from the pirate ship out at sea. Sagesse heads towards the combat to asses any injuries.

Roscius, with Sagesse no longer around, takes the money pouch back from Sinclair
(There is much discussion about cannon fire and the pirates on the boat)

(The pirate called Scalp pictured at right)Scar

A cannon ball hits the corner of the Sugar Rum Hut sending Tanwaya and her guard running inland
Sagesse comes up to the pirate Teeth and heals his wounded hand [critical success] and insists that he help with his fallen comrades.

Marqsam noticing Sagesse has healed the nearly severed hand of Teeth argues, “What the Hell are you doing?! He (Malthus) just spent a lot of work chopping that off!”

Sagesse continues with Teeth towards the other pirates ignoring the complaint.

Malthus decides to continue Marqsam’s argument, “What are you doing? They will come back and massacre this place.”

Sagesse “The Source has spared this one.”
Malthus “No! You have spared this one.”
Sagesse “Through the Source’s will.”
Malthus “No, through your power.”
Sagesse “Which comes from the Source!”
Malthus “This is just great! They shoot at us with cannons and you will heal them.”
Sagesse “They are not shooting at us with cannons, the pirates on the ship are.”
Malthus “But these we can kill.” (referring to the pirates on the island)
Sagesse “If you are a murderous one, yes.”
Malthus “No, I am removing a parasite.”
Sagesse “And you were the one who spoke earlier of evil?”
Malthus “They are evil, extortionists, murderers, rapists…”
Sagesse “And you know of all these crimes?”
Malthus states, “The blood of the islanders is on your hands,” and walks away.

Sagesse stabilizes the other fallen pirates after which the pirate Teeth signals to the ship to stop firing its cannons.

Roscius drags the captain away from the Sugar Rum Hut.

Marqsam says to Sagesse, “What are you doing? That guy almost took my leg off not 5 seconds ago.”

Sagesse “I shall tend to that as well,” thinking Marqsam was referring to a wound he sustained.

Marqsam “You’re lucky I like you!”

The pirates are drug to the Sugar Rum Hut with help from Marqsam.

Malthus and Roscius start dragging Captain Sinclair towards the village in search of Tanwaya.

(Tanwaya pictured at right) Tanwaya

Sagesse beckons Marqsam to watch over the pirates, asking him NOT to kill them, and heads off to meet with Tanwaya, passing Malthus and Roscius in the process.

Sagesse convinces Tanwaya that she should perhaps send the pirates off with something so they will actually leave.

Malthus and Roscius bring the defeated captain in to Tanwaya.

Tanwaya mixes some herbs and splashes them in Sinclair’s face causing him to wake up. She then offers one barrel of rum and one bale of mumbaye to Sinclair who readily agrees in his disoriented and likely drugged state.

Sagesse mentions to the captain, “Keep in mind that we have spared your life. Your boat only holds so much food and you’ll get no more from this island.” Sagesse lifts his robes revealing the sword wound that captain inflicted on his leg. “You have done this to me,” he comments to the captain and then proceeds to magically heal the wound in front of everyone. “You can call me a wizard, you can call me a priest or a warlock, but if you do not leave this place you will call me an enemy and I will beseech the Source to be rid of you.”

The captain responds saying, “I like the deal, I like the deal real well.” The captain also agrees to give back Roscius’ things that are still on his ship.

Sagesse asks for Tanwaya to send a runner to wake the prince and send him to the Sugar Rum Hut to meet with Marqsam. She agrees and those events are set in motion.

Everyone then heads to the Sugar Rum Hut with the prince meeting up with the group along the way.
Once everyone is in the Sugar Rum Hut Tanwaya states, “Alright! I want this over. I want it ALL done. So anything that belongs to him (the captain) we give to him, including a barrel and a bale and anything he has of yours (Roscius) is coming back here.”

Teeth is sent back to the ship to get Roscius’ things.

There is no way to get Roscius’ mule off the ship so it is agreed that Roscius shall keep the captain’s saber as compensation.

While the pirate is off collecting Roscius’ things questions start to fly as to why Roscius has come to the island. He agrees to explain later in the evening.

Tanwaya demands that Roscius lend his voice to the Sugar Rum Hut periodically at night for the trouble he’s brought to the island. Roscius agrees to do so.

Pirates return with Roscius’ stuff and it is unloaded. The pirates are then ushered to the boat where it is loaded with a barrel and a bale and the pirates get in the boat to head out to the ship. Before they cast off Captain Sinclair turns to Roscius.

Captain “Well Roscius, I guess I won’t be getting all my property back, huh?”

Roscius “It is not yours.”

Captain “Alright then.”

Sagesse “Tanwaya’s agreement was for him to have all his property.”

Roscius “Not all that he claims is his property.”

Tanwaya “What are they talking about?”

Roscius “He believes he owns my money pouch, he does not.”

Tanwaya “This is what the fight was about before? And you are not going to give it back to him?”

Roscius “I am not. The item has great sentimental value to me. I assure you it is quite a feat of legerdemain on his part as it did not always belong to him.”

Tanwaya “I’ll tell you what Sinclair, you send another boat out and you can have this man too, with his pouch.”

Roscius “If you find that wisest.”

Tanwaya “Whatever it takes to get them to leave.”

Roscius “I will bow to your discretion on this.”

Tanwaya “So you go with them?”

Roscius “If that is how you wish it.”

Sagesse whispers to Tanwaya“Perhaps he should give him the money in the pouch.”

Tanwaya orders Roscius to give Sinclair the money from the pouch. Roscius empties the gold onto the sand. Sagesse in turn picks up the sand and heads to give it to the captain.

Sinclair comments, “I have no pouch to keep it in oddly enough.”

Aiden steps up to the boat and says, “Do you know who I am?”

Sinclair “From what I have heard you are a drunk.”

Marqsam "No he doesn’t and is should stay that way.”

Sinclair “Ohh, that guy!,” realizing he is talking to a prince.

Aiden “You come back on this island and we’ll kill you. All of you, and if we don’t, my father will.”

Sinclair “Well you’ve got me at a disadvantage.”

Aiden “I do, go.”

Sagesse hands the gold to Sinclair and says, “You don’t have a pouch but you do have a very large ship.” As the captain takes the gold from Sagesse, Sagesse locks stares with him and states, “You do not know the beginning of what I am capable of, please be gone.”

On that note the pirates shove off.

The party notices Sinclair skipping the gold across the bay to entertain himself.

Marqsam “That is not the actions of a cowed man. Why does he want that bag so bad?”
Roscius “I don’t know.”

Malthus “No, you do.”

Marqsam “Why does that pack have sentimental value?”

Roscius “Do you recall my coach? When I found my self in need of seeing the prince I had two offers and on was a good and honest man who couldn’t give me enough. So I choose him because he needed it more and all he could offer me was this pouch and forty-five gold and I took it. I like to see that such things are still possible.”
(Something about the story doesn’t ring true to Sagesse)

Sagesse “I am not going to argue with you but I do not believe everything you say for I know more about that bag than you might presume.”

Roscius “Then you probably know more than I do.”

Marqsam begins pestering the bard to explain why he came to see the prince but doesn’t divulge anything until later in the evening.
(Compress time to evening)

During the evening Sagesse passes the letter addressed to him and the prince over to Aiden to read.

Eventually the bard gets his instrument tuned and throat sufficiently wet and prepares to play, first stating, “this is a song I only know all at once. It is important that you pay attention for if you do not get something I shall have to start over again. And though it is not about the princess, it is what brought me to find you.”

The bard then sings the “Apen King” song.

After the song Roscius says, “It was a song that came to my attention and had a ring that I could not ignore and led me to sell almost everything I own on the trip to come and see you. Now you can decide amongst yourselves in your experience with me if I am the type to do this on a regular basis. And keep in mind that the seats on the pirate’s boat were no where near as comfortable as the ones on my coach.”

There is some discussion as to the nature and source of the song to which only cryptic responses are offered.

Marqsam “There were some bad things associated with your name in there.”

Aiden “That is true.”

Roscius “I have no reason to believe that your father is dead, but I have no reason to believe that he is not in horrible danger.

Aiden “I see.”

Roscius “If it made sense to me I would have sent someone else with the message but it is important that you hear it from me.”
(It is noted that the prince has an older brother who left for the New World, long before the prince was exiled, to stake a claim.)

The sun goes down and the Sugar Rum Hut fills up with people celebrating the pirate’s exodus.
Sagesse attempts to heal the bishop’s wounds but fails.

The sun sets and eclipses at the same time and so begins the three day ritual to bring back Sol.
(Note there is such an eclipse every 3 years, 7 months and 22 days)

The bard, prince and bishop all work together to try and decode the letter addressed to Sagesse and Aiden.

Tanwaya confirms that the pirates are no longer in view of the island.

During the night the bard sings the “Aleman ballad … “

Dancers and tribal musicians take over the Sugar Rum Hut as part of the ceremony.

Sagesse attempts to convince Tanwaya as to how the sun has vanished hoping logic can prevent the need for a sacrifice but is in no way convincing.

Gerron approaches the group to invite them into his ‘circle’ for the sacrifice so that the group is chosen early and in no danger of being sacrificed. The party agrees and the details are sorted out.

During the evening Roscius barters a deal to get a hut built for him.

With the aid of Malthus the Prince decodes the first part of the code within the letter to him and Sagesse.

The party rests for the evening. The next day is the 6th day of Farris and day two of the eclipse.

The next day everyone goes about their own business not doing a whole lot of note.

Sagesse attempts to alter the calculations for his spells to try and figure out a way to save Lane from the sacrifice.

(Lane pictured at right) Lane

Late in the evening chanting starts and the selection process for the sacrifice begins. This process lasts for many hours into what would be the next morning and ends with Lane, as expected, being the one to be sacrificed. [it is now the 7th day of Farris]

Sagesse manages to position himself close to Tanwaya in an attempt to get close to Lane to try and do something to save him.

Before Lane is thrown in Sagesse manages to bend the source to protect Lane but he ends up suffocating instead.The sun returns, and the ceremony continues but many people either leave or collapse from exhaustion.

End of Session



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