The pirate blockade

Notes for Game 1

The session starts on Merco, the 4th day of Farris (May 31, 2006 in reality)

SinclairPrince Aiden, Marqsam, and Sagesse have at this point been in Baytown for about 2 years.
For 2 weeks now a pirate ship has had a blockade on the bay outside of Baytown stopping all merchants from coming in to trade their goods.

(Pictured at right, Pirate Captain Sinclair Stevens)

Captain Sinclair of the pirate vessel comes ashore with two of his pirate comrades, Sixteen and Scalp, as well as with Roscius. Once on shore the group throws gold coins to the islanders.
Once everyone settles into the Sugar Rum Hut, Roscius convinces the almost completely incoherent Aiden to go and sleep off his drunkenness as he has pertinent information to share with him, only if he can keep sober.

Captain Sinclair ends up having a discussion with Tanwaya (which ends with her storming off) then proceeds to declare that all the drinks are on the house. (‘twas a shame the Prince couldn’t enjoy the free drinks sleeping in his hut)

The game leaves off with the Captain wanting to play a game of Triskill with the group.



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