The plot thickens

Notes for Game 8

(Late September, 2006 in the real world)

(It is around 10am game time on the 11th Day of Farris, the carnival ship is preparing to launch in a couple of hours and the party is finishing up collecting the belongings they will take with them on their journey and saying their goodbyes.)

The islanders are working on a civilized and respectful mass burial for the unfortunate of the vicious storm and tidal wave that hit the island the night before.
Malthus aids the islanders in their sad task, offering his own prayers to those he lays to rest.
Tanwaya busies herself ordering around islanders and saying her own Buru prayers for each fallen islander. Sagesse finds his way to Tanwaya to say is final farewell.

Sagesse “I wish that the timing of these events were different so I could stay longer and help you all but I am afraid that I must take my leave.”
Tanwaya “Your help would be good but I understand.”
Sagesse “You and your people are strong, I know you will bounce back from this.”
Tanwaya “We’ve had much bad Buru lately, perhaps a change is a good thing.”
Sagesse “Perhaps the absence of the white men around will help with that.”
Tanwaya “Some of them were less welcome than others.”
Sagesse “I hope our paths cross again as this place is very special to me.”
Tanwaya “I hope they do, I hope there is a Baytown to come back to.”
Sagesse “I have no doubt that you will rebound and be as strong as ever. It may take some time but you and your people are strong.”
Tanwaya “We will remember you and hope for you to return.”
Sagesse bows to Tanwaya and walks away. After Sagesse has left Tanwaya, Malthus steps over to exchange goodbyes as well.

Malthus “I appreciate your hospitality and here is a small token of my gratitude, to the families that have lost individuals.” Malthus hands over his money pouch to Tanwaya. “I know it is not much but with your crops destroyed times will be tough and I suspect you will need it more than I will.”
Tanwaya “Well thank you very much. I can tell you are a good man. I knew that from the first. You are always welcome back if there’s a place to come back to. Good travels.”
Malthus bows and heads to follow Sagesse, the two head to the departure raft that will take them to the carnival ship.
The party meets up at the beach, waiting to be taken to the carnival ship. A couple of native island women stop by to say their farewells to Marqsam.
The group is greeted by Shunk, as always, riding Thunk, “Come on now, ye got to be ready to go by now!”
Malthus snidely remarks, “We were ready a day ago.”
Sagesse is the last to board the craft headed to the carnival ship. Before stepping aboard Sagesse offers a prayer to the island asking that this place, and its people, be blessed by the Source, and draws the symbol of a conch in the sand.
The party finally boards the large ship and heads to their quarters finding that much of the crew is still busying themselves with repairs, manning the bilge pumps and preparing the craft to sail. The ship, which was lying in the water at a peculiar angle the night before is now much more properly aligned, the ballast having been adjusted.
The party sees Julius on the way to their rooms.

Roscius “Are our rooms ready?”
Julius “Not quite…”
Roscius “Did my clavichord survive alright?”
Julius “Everything seems to be ok … you might be concerned with the level of moisture … but I think your gear survived.”
The party inspects their rooms, there is water on the floor but it does not appear to have any active leaks.

Roscius “Our accommodations are a little rough but they are much better than staying on the island.”
Malthus “Yes I can’t imagine what their room and food prices would go up to.”
After a little time on the boat, with the party still inspecting the two rooms they were pointed to, the large carnival craft begins to set sail.
The party gets settled in and congregates in the larger of the two rooms. Malthus works at sharpening one of his scimitars and Marqsam pulls out his triskill deck, idly shuffling the cards as the party makes small talk. A couple of shipmates walk by the open door to the room, look in and notice Marqsam with his deck of cards, Roscius makes out a comment from one of them saying, “fresh blood.”

Roscius comments to Marqsam who seems eager to play a game “I would recommend that you play that later, it is along trip.”
Sagesse “And there is much work to be done.”
Roscius “The longer they are away from their work, the wetter our rooms remain.”
Malthus “And the greater our probability of sinking.”
Sagesse “I am not up for a game myself. I will see if I can lend my hands elsewhere.”
The party gathers their belongings that were stowed the night before and puts them in their respective rooms. The Bishop and Sagesse share a room as do the Prince and Roscius, Marqsam however plans to spend his nights in the mermaid’s room.
Roscius changes out of the bishop’s tattered robes and gets into some of his own, day clothing.
The party eats some of their fresh fruit for their afternoon meal and Roscius kindly offers some to the bilge workers as well to both lift their spirits as well as insure that the fresh fruit brought aboard is consumed before it spoils.
Julius is found by Malthus and Sagesse, the captain giving orders to the crew.

Sagesse “Were there any shipmates that were injured in the storm that could use my attention?”
Julius “Yes, there were plenty of injuries, you might come upstairs with me if you’d please. Some of the men are upstairs. Conditions down here are tight with all the work being done so we have a couple up there.”
Sagesse “Let me see them and I will see if I can’t get them back to work.”
Julius “That would be fantastic. Then you’d already be proving your worth.”
Malthus “Maybe you could help me out,” commenting on some small wounds he had suffered during the storm.
Sagesse “Might that you would want to join me. I am going to look at the infirm.”
Malthus “Very good.”
Julius “You are a healer as well?” he asks Malthus.
Malthus “I don’t know that I would go quite that far, but I will offer my assistance.”
Sagesse “I wish to try and show you some things.”
Julius “Well anything you can do to help is most appreciated.”
Julius leads the priests to a room on the upper deck where there are two injured men. One man appears to have a broken leg and another has a severely bruised arm and rib, having apparently fallen on something with great force.
Malthus starts by offering basic first aid to the two patients while Sagesse attempts to explain how channeling the source works; sensing the energy of the source, the calculations, and the nature of the source (through Sagesse’s eyes). Sagesse places one of Malthus’ hands on top of his own and then places that hand on the severely bruised man so that Malthus can attempt to feel the energy as Sagesse channels it.
A deep guttural voice is suddenly heard coming from the shadows speaking that strange alien language know to be spoken by Juxlado.
Sagesse is able to understand the bizarre tongue but Malthus isn’t.
Malthus makes a conscious effort to commit to memory the strange words spoken by Juxlado. [Intelligence check succeeded by 3]

Sagesse “Yes, Juxlado?”
Juxlado steps from the shadows.
Malthus turns towards the black skinned creature and says, “I can see you have also come to lend your assistance … waiting for the souls?”
Juxlado “I am not in the line of collecting souls.”
Focusing his attention back to the sorely injured patient, Sagesse channels the source, mending the man’s bruises.

Malthus “Some might call that a miracle. I wonder if all who fail the test but continue to live develop these kinds of abilities … “
Sagesse “I do believe that I am the only one that has done such a thing … except maybe Linus, but I know not if they even had the a test such as we had to take.”
Meanwhile Roscius and Marqsam discuss the topic of languages. Marqsam seems quite interested in learning the native tongue of Atalonia, the mermaid, who has joined the pair in Roscius’ quarters. (Aiden is not around) The mermaid makes things difficult by never speaking, only giggling whenever someone speaks to her in a language she doesn’t understand. Roscius offers many enchanting phrases from poems in several different languages. The mermaid looks at Roscius in dumbstruck awe when recites a poem of eternal love in her native Krondelli. Marqsam has no idea what Roscius is saying but to him it is somehow musical and gorgeous. It almost makes him feel so comfortable he could almost fall asleep and can tell that this poem must be about love. Atalonia’s jaw drops but no sound comes from her. Eventually, a minute or two after the bard’s poem is over, the mermaid responds in Krondelli.

Atalonia “That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard!”
Roscius “I did not write it but I have heard it before. Perhaps sometime I will give you a lesson.”
Atalonia “I’ve heard it before too, but never quite like that.”
Roscius turns to Marqsam, “I can teach you but it will take time. Krondelli is a very difficult language to learn.”
Back in the makeshift infirmary.

Sagesse “This one is ready for work again,” patting the freshly recovered shipmate on the back who seems less than enthused to have to go back to work.
Malthus “If you wish to speak privately I can leave so you don’t have to speak that foreign tongue.”
Juxlado “We can have a private conversation without your permission.”
Malthus “It was not permission, I was offering to be kind. Something you probably have never heard of.”
Juxlado “What unkindness have I shown you?”
Malthus “So far you have given me room and board though you did plague my dreams I believe.”
Juxlado “Do I control your dreams now as well?”
Malthus “No but staring at me while I slept was somewhat unsettling.”
Juxlado “And your presence bothered me.”
Malthus “I thank you though for the room.”
Juxlado turns to Sagesse and says in a way as to seem a challenge, “and what will you do for this one?” referring to the man with the broken leg.
Sagesse “Yes, this will be tough.”
Sagesse inspects the broken leg trying to gain some insight as how to mend it. Any movement of the limb causes the shipmate to wince in pain. Malthus places a gold coin in the pain stricken shipmate’s mouth suggesting that he, “bite down hard on. I am sure this will hurt.” The shipmate looks at the pair of priests utterly confused, apparently unable to speak Capesian. The man responds in Krondelli with what sounds like a question.
Sagesse places his hand on the man’s leg moving it only slightly, which prompts the poor sailor to shout out briefly.

Malthus bluntly states, “I can set it.”
Sagesse “I cannot just heal him in this position as his leg may remain deformed.”
Malthus taking that to mean he should go about setting the broken leg says, “Ok.” and starts moving his hands to place them on the sailor’s leg.
Before he does so though Sagesse says, “Wait! I am still feeling things out …” After a short moment of contemplation Sagesse says, “Malthus, you may leave, this will take my undivided attention … and I wouldn’t mind if you left as well,” speaking to Juxlado.

Juxlado “I am ever your servant”
Juxlado follows Malthus out the door, his comment causing a very puzzled look to come over Sagesse.
Malthus attempts to make some sarcastic small talk with Juxlado as they exit, “So where are you from, how’s the family?”
Juxlado “My family? That is perhaps too much information.”
Malthus makes some snide comment to the effect that hell, likely his world, is overpopulated.
Juxlado “Oddly enough most from where I am would say the overpopulation is elsewhere … I take interest in it though.”
Malthus “The overpopulation.”
Juxlado “Mmm Hmm.”
As the two walk to their rooms Malthus feigns a stumble in an effort to touch Juxlado to see if he is ‘real.’ To his surprise he finds Juxlado’s form to be quite unyielding as if he made contact with a stone statue. Juxlado takes no notice of it.

Malthus “The waves do not agree with me,” he states, playing off is intentional stumble.
Juxlado “I know your mind.”
Malthus “I am sure you do actually. Tell me what is it?”
Juxlado “Am I equally as transparent?”
Malthus “No … I just figure being an otherworldly being, you have powers I probably don’t understand … or you wouldn’t be here I would guess, since I don’t see more of your kind.”
Juxlado “I know you are wiser than most of your kind.”
Malthus “I am not sure of that, possibly …”
Juxlado “Well at least you understand the limits of your knowledge.”
Malthus “Yes, I believe that one cannot know everything.”
Juxlado “That is more than most understand.”
Malthus “Many in power are often blinded by greed and other things.”
Juxlado “True.”
The two continue to exchange words without anything important being said for a few minutes as they continue to walk. Eventually Malthus asks about Juxlado’s language.

Malthus “Maybe, since this will be a long voyage, you can teach me your language and I can teach you about the Source.”
Juxlado “I don’t know that you can learn my language.”
Malthus “That is possible, many dialects are difficult for me to pronounce … language is not a strong point of mine.”
Juxlado “And I know more of the Source than you.”
Malthus “Really … well maybe sometime you can educate me on the Source.”
Juxlado “I wish that I could.”
Back in the infirmary, after several minutes of examining the sailor with the broken leg, focusing on the energy of the Source and how it flows through this poor wounded man, Sagesse is able to sense how the fracture in this man’s leg is a disruption in how the Source flows through the individual. Sagesse, by focusing a great deal of his own energy and much calculation a solution is revealed that mends the disruption, which mends the mans leg, though tenuously.
As the spell is complete a cold hand touches Sagesse’s shoulder. Sagesse looks over to see Juxlado looking down at him.

Juxlado “You have done well.”
Sagesse “I though you left.”
Juxlado “I was interested to see. You realize of course that I never really leave or go anywhere. I might as well reveal myself.”
Sagesse “I see … as you see he will be better in time, he is much better than he was when I came here. I don’t, however, believe he is ready for work.”
Juxlado “I am most confident in your abilities.”
Sagesse is quite weak and sweaty from the terrible strain of channeling the Source and informs a crewmate to tell them man he healed to, “stay off his leg for one moon.”

Crewmate “I can tell him that,” which he does then says, “He says a moon is a long time.”
Sagesse “If we wants to stay better then he should stay off it.”
Crewmate “I’ll tell him as much.”
The man he healed extends a hand to Sagesse in thanks for his aid. Sagesse bows at the man and leaves to recover his spent energy. Juxlado disappears into the shadows.
Sagesse joins back up with the party looking gaunt faced and totally spent. Malthus hands an apple to the acolyte. Aiden also joins the group.

Aiden “Have you guys been up top? Yeah, up above the steerage there’s a nice area up there that you can really get a good look at the ocean and feel the breeze.”
Marqsam “That’s what I keep suggesting but they didn’t agree with me.”
Aiden “Well you should come with me.”
Roscius “Show it to us.”
Aiden “Come on this way. You guys staying down here I guess?” he says to the priests.
Sagesse “The fresh air might do me some good. That and this apple.” he turns to Malthus and says, “I believe that man’s leg is back on the mend.”
Malthus “Good.”
Roscius has a bit of a time trying to tell Marqsam what to say to the mermaid. She finds the situation humorous, giggling as is usual, then takes the two men by the arm and leads them out of the room.

The party makes their way up top. It has been a couple of hours since the boat left Baytown. As promised there is a nice breeze that is most comforting in the hot climate. The group notices that there is a steering wheel that is unmanned on this level but appears to be connected to another wheel on a deck below this one.
A couple of crewmen and the glass-eyed magician, who is reading a book, are also relaxing up here. Malthus leans to see what the old man is reading which ends up being a book written in Krondelli and completely intelligible to him. Roscius, however, looks over the old man’s shoulder and notes that the book is a swarthy play.

Sagesse relaxes himself and beings to take in the energy of the Source around him.
Malthus goes about trying to salvage the tomes he recovered from the dilapidated keep.
Little of consequence happens that afternoon and each party member enjoys the day, each in their own way.

The party discovers that though they had planned on traveling south, the ship has been forced to sail north for repairs at the port at Freeheight island.
The night passes without incident with each party member occupying their time as they please.

New Day – It is now the 12th day of Farris
(Time Compression)
(It is determined that to be able to spend a point in a language, 40 hours of study is required. It is also determined that 80% of Sagesse’s work on the people and rituals of the people of Baytown is unharmed.) Marqsam has 4 hours of study

Over the next two days each party member occupies their time as follows:
Sagesse spends four hours a day at rest, four hours salvaging his writings on Buru, eight hours cataloguing with Malthus and the rest of his time is spent contemplating the Source on the deck or hanging out with the party.
Malthus spends eight hours a day at rest, eight hours with Sagesse cataloguing and the rest of his time at leisure or practicing with and caring for his scimitars.
Marqsam spends eight hours at rest, four hours in the afternoon with Roscius learning to speak Krondelli, spends his evenings gambling and partying with the crew and his nights with Atalonia.
Roscius spends his afternoons with Marqsam teaching him Krondelli and his evenings at leisure in his room or performing for the crew.
Aiden spends his time as he pleases. As the GM pleases =)

Two more Days Pass – It is currently the 14th day of Farris
(12 hours of language lessons for Marqsam)
(44 hours of cataloguing for the priests so far)
(Neil passes a note to the GM detailing something he wishes Malthus to accomplish in secret over the last couple of days)

It is evening and the party notices that it is a great deal chillier this evening.
Marqsam has a particularly enjoyable lovemaking session with Atalonia this evening. His Krondelli is coming along and he is able to communicate some relevant phrases to the mermaid in reference to her beauty and she has taught him the phrase, ‘too smoky,’ obviously not overly fond of the smoky taste from Marqsam’s frequent mumbaye use. After his lovemaking this evening, Marqsam heads up to the top deck to enjoy some night air and a smoke.

(Marqsam secret time, after a few minutes Sagesse joins him in secret time (this is a long one))
Sometime during the evening Sagesse goes to the prince and asks for some mumbaye. The prince gives him some and Sagesse moves on to find Malthus. Malthus is easily found and Sagesse leads him up to the upper deck and hands some mumbaye to the bishop.

Sagesse “Look out this way … it’s a bit brisk out tonight. Partake of this mumbaye and be generous when you exhale.”
Malthus This is not my sort of thing but as you wish. Is this something to hold in the lungs?”
Sagesse “Just breathe it in and out as you would normally breathe.”
Malthus follows Sagesse’s instructions and exhales the smoke, gently coughing, unaccustomed to smoking mumbaye. As the smoke wafts by his face he can see a few lights in the ocean some distance behind the carnival vessel. To him it resembles another ship in the water. As the smoke dissipates, the ship disappears. Malthus blinks a couple of times and rubs his eyes.

Malthus “Either that is just in my mind or …”
Sagesse “But I pointed it out to you, can it be in just your mind?”
Malthus “Is it this?” he asks, pointing to the mumbaye.
Sagesse “I have not partaken of it, not this evening and not for the last three days.”
Malthus “Does it work with any smoke?”
Sagesse “No. The mumbaye weed can be quite enlightening to the mind.”
Malthus continues to smoke, looking hard for details on the ship in the distance.
Malthus “Are you suggesting this is the demon world?”
Sagesse “I believe that is what we are seeing. I can see it without the mumbaye.”
Malthus “Hmm … interesting, I would not have believed without … well I still don’t 100% believe it as I need the mind altering substance to see it, but there is something there.”
Sagesse “I felt it pertinent you were aware of it.”
Malthus “What do you think this means? That the veil between the worlds is thin?”
Sagesse “I don’t know that it is thin. It may be exactly the same but the mumbaye may allow you to pierce it.”
Malthus “But … then what is the point?”
Sagesse “Well, you are aware of it and that is start in the right direction.”
Malthus “Well no one ever … well no one can prove or deny this necessarily … but most people believe in hell, these other worlds, whatever you call it.”
Sagesse “But they are becoming too integrated.”
Malthus “Like I said, the veil is thinning. So you think that soon we will be intermingling?”
Sagesse “If Mister Juxlado is to be trusted, then yes, I believe that is exactly what is happening. The prince and I have seen it first hand. Were it not for the fires I created (back at the keep) who could know what would have happened.”
Juxlado’s voice emits from the shadows speaking that strange guttural language. Sagesse barks something back at him in the same foreign tongue.
Malthus “Do we have an idea of … let me rephrase that … when these dimensions, worlds collide, do we believe there is going to be a war or a conflict, something of that sort?”
Sagesse “We can only surmise.”
Malthus “I believe there have been visions of that, of two sides, one fighting another. I have heard of such visions at least.”
Sagesse “We all must be aware of what is going on and choose our roles.”
Malthus turns towards where he heard the demonic voice and asks, “what side are you on?”
Juxlado gives no reply
Sagesse “What is important is that we know what is going on and do something about it when the time comes.”
Malthus “As I said I have heard rumors that a final conflict of some sort is coming. I did not know it was from another place … time … world … whatever this is.”
Sagesse “I have shown you this so that you can see what it is that others of us can see so that you know we are not insane.”
Malthus “I do appreciate that. What side do you stand on?”
Sagesse “I stand on the side of the Source, as always.”
Malthus “As I would have expected.”
Sagesse “Then why ask?”
Malthus “It never hurts to clarify.”
Sagesse “And your side is with the Source as well, as you believe it to be?”
Malthus “Assuming for ease of use, it is us against them, as far as demonkind against mankind … I’m not sure the Source exists on their world.”
Sagesse “I do not know that either.”
Malthus “But yes, I am with the Source. I want to make sure our race is not destroyed.”
Sagesse says a few words to Juxlado in the demonic tongue.
Malthus “You will have to teach me that at some point.”
Sagesse gives a smirk towards Juxlado and walks away.
Malthus and Marqsam spend some time talking, just the two of them, that evening.

Marqsam “It seems everyone else has some sort of deal with this Juxlado fellow.”
Malthus “Yes, he has something against me. I didn’t think everybody did, but I figured most did.”
Marqsam “They already know what they know … so I’m really just curious what’s your take on things as Aiden, Roscius and Sagesse have some deal with him.”
Malthus “I have not been privy to that deal other than it requires some sort of handshake and you being his friend, which I find unsettling. I have read that otherworldly beings need to be offered entrance to their house and such in order to control you. So I don’t know if this is along those same lines or not but that is all I know of ‘the deal.’ If you know something more, enlighten me, I’d be happy to listen.”
Marqsam “I haven’t taken his hand myself. Aiden almost seemed to be suggesting that they have seen otherworldly things that I haven’t seen.”
Malthus “Um … Sagesse has shown me some of these otherworldly things and it appears to me, and this it purely conjecture, but it appears as if the world of demonkind is coming in contact with ours … The veil between the worlds is thin and is thinning I would guess. This is all conjecture of course, and eventually something may happen that brings us into direct contact, maybe conflict even.”

Marqsam “Juxlado, he indicated that he who does not take his hand has no protection and those that do will have some sort of protection. I’m not sure what that entails.”
Malthus “After I was shown this other side there was a voice that could only be Juxlado. I asked him which side he was on in this conflict and he did not answer, so I can only assume he is on the other side, which brings me to make another assumption, of course I don’t have any information on this, but the protection is offered because you are on their side. Why would you kill your own friends?”
Marqsam “Well there is one of two things going on …”
Malthus “Well, I am completely guessing.”
Marqsam “Well, that is why I’m saying one of two things is going on. One is that he isn’t actually demon but they might think he is so if we have his friendship then we are under his protection without betraying anything.” (this is what it sounded like but doesn’t make 100% sense to me)

Malthus “Possibly.”
Marqsam “The other is that they made some deal that basically betrays mankind. If that the case then we have to figure out a way to get them out from underneath that, that is something I feel I must do, I have to protect my prince, if mostly from himself.
[Marqsam and Malthus continue their conversation in secret time. It is a VERY long secret session, I know not what was discussed. Meanwhile Roscius and Sagesse and sometimes Aiden have their own long conversations in Sagesse’s room.]

Roscius “So what do you think of this Juxlado?” realizing he interrupted Sagesse in deep thought he apologizes, “Sorry, I suppose everyone keeps interrupting your meditations.”
Sagesse “I do have a lot to accomplish on this trip.”
Roscius “I can talk with you later if you would rather have time alone.”
Sagesse “No, it is fine, luckily I do not require as much sleep as I rely on the Source for much of my energy. But as far as Juxlado goes, I believe the things that he has told me. I don’t believe that the things he has shown me are fiction.”
Roscius “I have some concerns with Malthus, he’s here to hurt you. He believes that Malthus is here to harm you. He told me as much.”
Sagesse “Really?”
Roscius “Yes, and Malthus to me does not seem like that kind of man but he is now on a mission to retrieve you, of his own admission.”
Sagesse “He is not here to retrieve me, but to help me chronicle the religion of the islanders.”
Roscius “Do they often send bishops to work as scribes?”
Sagesse “No, they sent him to aid me for whatever reason.”
Roscius “So it does not seem like it is out of the norm to you?”
Sagesse “It is definitely out of the norm.”
Roscius “Exactly! Do you know of his position inside the church?”
Sagesse “I know he is a bishop, I attempted to gain such a position myself and am working …”
Roscius “No no, not just as a bishop, a bishop is an administrator, correct? Each has their own area?”
Sagesse “I was not around long enough to …”
Roscius “I am not suggesting to you by any means that Malthus is here to harm you, I am just letting you know that Juxlado has told me he thinks Malthus is here to harm you.”
Sagesse “Well…”
Roscius “I’m just saying it may be important for you, as the person who may be harmed, to know.”
Sagesse “I don’t believe he is here to intentionally harm me.”
Roscius “Well that is good because I like Malthus.”
Sagesse “As do I, he is my greatest rival, he was the first of our group to ascend into bishophood while I failed, but I continue to work towards that path.” Sagesse taps his shackle as a reminder, “events are getting quite complicated and I know not how things will play out.”
Roscius “Now, back to Malthus, you do not seem to trust him fully.”
Sagesse “He and I see the Source differently.”
Roscius “I was referring more to back on the island when you took the letter from us as we were just about to decode it.”
Sagesse “That has nothing to do with Malthus, that has to do with the prince. The letter was sent and encoded in a way such that I was intended to be the one to translate it and that message was for the prince and as such it is for the prince alone to divulge.”
Roscius “I see.”
Sagesse “It is a matter of privacy. Were the message intended for me I would have shared it.”
Roscius “Hidden behind propriety or not you do have to understand and agree that you are in fact keeping secrets from Malthus.”
Sagesse “The prince is the one keeping the secret. It is his secret to keep.”
Roscius “It is his secret to keep, I understand that perfectly, but again propriety aside, you know something you are not sharing with him. That is you keeping a secret from him, anything else is merely mincing words.”
Sagesse “It is a matter of perception, but it is a perception that allows me to be honest in my own right.”
Roscius “I am not accusing you of anything. I am just speaking.”
Sagesse “If he were to pry me I would tell him to ask the prince.”
Roscius “The purpose of my asking this question is to demonstrate and find out whether or not there is any reason to distrust him.”
Sagesse “I don’t believe that there is.”
Roscius “You might want to talk to Juxlado because he seems to think there is … which is good.”
Sagesse “I think that it is amazing that he would tell you that but has kept such information from me.”
Roscius “Again with the secrets.”
Sagesse “Not from me.”
Roscius “And amazingly not from me either.”
Sagesse “As I had told Malthus, things are becoming a bit different. Things are going to change, their world may cross into ours and people will have to make a decision as to what side they choose.”
Aiden enters the room.
(Note that at this point, only Neil and Joe know what was said in secret time)

Roscius “Hello prince, where have you been, I have been looking for you.”
Aiden “Oh wandering, just wandering.”
Roscius “You are on a boat, there are not a lot of places to wander.”
Aiden “So, what are you guys talking about?”
Sagesse “Malthus and Juxlado.”
Roscius “Yes … Mister Juxlado, I told him what Mister Juxlado told us.”
Sagesse asks Aiden, “What are your thoughts on the bishop? It would seem that Juxlado is turning everyone’s opinions away from him and I think that is just wrong.”
Aiden “It did seem like he was inferring … there were not many other people for him to be talking about … “
Roscius “I do not think that he has designs to hurt Marqsam and since you were already in the room I do not think it was about you either … “
Aiden “I know it wasn’t about you.”
Roscius “Because Malthus did not come here to see Marqsam.”
Aiden “My relationship with Marqsam is such that I know his heart. It must be someone else that is part of our company or will be. I wouldn’t call Shunk a concern.”
Sagesse “My opinions are of Malthus and my concern is of your opinions of him for I would not like for Juxlado to cast him in a negative light. I know him to be a good man.”
Roscius “Well good, then I have no concerns.”
Aiden “For me it remains to be seen. I trust in your judgment.”
Roscius “He is the smartest man I know, at least that I can relate with, and he is definitely the smartest man on this boat, but he is not necessarily the wisest.”
Aiden “Even more so than Juxlado?”
Roscius “Juxlado is not a man.”
Sagesse “That would be my point. As for Malthus he is exceptionally intelligent but not always wise, he sometimes acts rashly, on instinct and emotion.”
Aiden “Perhaps that’s what will be the problem.”
Sagesse “If he’s to be judged on his integrity and character then he is beyond reproach. I won’t always agree with his decisions just as I didn’t with the pirates.”
Aiden “But what about Juxlado? I mean now that we are all waist deep in this.”
Sagesse “I believe the things he has said and shown us. You and I both know for a fact that this other side is here, we’ve encountered it, you have struck it with your sword.”
Aiden “I am beginning to question myself a little bit here and there on those things that … “
Sagesse “I’m telling you that I have seen it. I have seen what you have.”
Aiden “I believe in what you tell me and what you’ve seen.”
Sagesse “Were it not for the fires I created to destroy those beasts, I do no know what would have happened.”
Aiden “I’m curious about that myself, maybe nothing, maybe … “
Sagesse “It is indisputable that one of those creatures had a hold of you at one time.”
Aiden “Mmm hmm.”
Sagesse “And I saw your sword strike it while others saw it stop in midair.”
Roscius “Well he does drink a lot.”
Aiden laughs, “I feel nothing of it now, but my foot has healed and there was no sincere pain from it but … there is something … I’m just not able to trust my senses right now.”
Sagesse “Then perhaps you should shy away from the rum. I don’t think it will help your senses any.”
Aiden “That’s the only time I feel clear headed.”
Roscius “It is not clear … just less foggy.”
Aiden “So for now we are just going to … “
Roscius “Speaking of which, not to reverse what Sagesse has asked you but do you have any of that?”
Aiden “Certainly, certainly … I haven’t even opened this one.” and hands a flask to Roscius.
Roscius “You can look at it as if I am depleting your stores quicker.”
Sagesse “Have at it … so far it has been the elixir by which he endures life, not necessarily lived it.”
Roscius “Hmm, that is very poetic, you should write it down.”
Aiden “It is sadly true.”
Roscius “Perhaps I will put it in a song.”
Aiden “So for now, with Mister Juxlado, I’ve just been trying to avoid him. Is there anything more that should be done.”
Sagesse “I don’t know that he should be avoided or encountered. I don’t know that it matters. He is going to play whatever role he chooses.”
Aiden “And it doesn’t seem we have much choice in the matter whether we encounter him or not.”
Sagesse “Exactly.”
Roscius “So are you saying this then just to get him to leave you alone?”
(The three men share a laugh.)
Aiden “Well, for one thing I believe in Sagesse’s decisions, you’ve proven yourself to be wise as a more elder man.”
Roscius “I have not been called wise too often,” chuckles.
Sagesse says something referring to Roscius’ age.
Roscius “I have lived long, longer than many … I am not a warrior … and this is why.”
Aiden leaves the room.
Sagesse “I have only known you for a short time.”
Roscius “As such you have no reason to trust me and I have not given you one, but I have not had time to give you one either.”
Sagesse “You have shown yourself to be someone who will speak freely.”
Roscius “You will not find the truth by hiding behind it.”
Sagesse “Poetic.”
Roscius “You know I have been called this … many times.”
Sagesse “But at the same time, I don’t know that I can just reveal everything I know to you.”
Roscius “I don’t expect you to.”
Sagesse “I do look to you as a good source of information, I think you may find it difficult to keep your mouth closed.”
Roscius “I can keep my mouth closed when the time comes but I am not afraid to speak with I feel must be shared.”
Sagesse “And I am not one to lie, so if you ask the right questions … “
Roscius “Do we have any news of the boy’s father?”
Sagesse “What boy’s father?”
Roscius “The prince.”
Sagesse “Well…”
Roscius “You should be able to tell me something without violating anybody’s trust.”
Sagesse “Since some detail of that was in the letter to Aiden, you will have to ask him.”
Roscius “Again I am not asking you to tell secrets, and I am not a close personal friend to the man by any means. In fact, to tell the truth, I did not like. He’s a bit brutish, but most Westenders are.”
The bard and Sagesse discuss how Westenders are rash, the encounter with Sinclair and his pirates, and how Roscius looks to Aiden as his nephew.
[Just before Malthus’ return Juxlado whispers a warning to Sagesse.]

Malthus returns, “Ahh, the fresh sea air is good today.”
Roscius “Indeed,” and he takes his leave of the priests.
As the evening wears on it gets progressively colder, feeling more like winter than tropical. No one, party or crew, is out on the deck as it is just too frigid.
That evening Malhtus attempts to learn to channel the source from Sagesse but the two get into an argument over certain esoteric aspects of the Source and how energy changes from one form to another. Malthus’ belief is that the Source is in control and as such what Sagesse suggests doesn’t make sense. While it wasn’t a heated argument, it is enough to end the lesson.

Malthus “Enough for today, my head hurts.”
Sagesse “Hopefully you’ll be more open minded in the future.”
Malthus “Well it just seems like we are trying to place the round peg through a square hole. Some alternate thinking is required and I just don’t feel up to it today.”
Sagesse “Very well … sleep on it.”
Sagesse and Malthus go back to cataloguing the Buru religion. After about an hour into the task Sagesse starts a new conversation.

Sagesse “Why do you think it is that so few at the monastery are able to cast spells? I only know of two that I have witnessed.”
Malthus “I don’t know, I would guess maybe the teaching has been lost.”
Strangely, and unexpectedly, Juxlado walks through a wall in to their room, walks across the room and disappears in the corner.
Malthus “Apparently one disagrees with your assumption.”
Sagesse “Or he’s just passing through, but anyway …”
Malthus “No he seems to hover in the corners.”
Sagesse “I think he is a lot of places at once.”
Malthus “That could be, I don’t know.”
Sagesse “But again, I must press.”
Malthus “I am actually not sure.”
Sagesse “Because as I have seen it, there is almost no education into that aspect of the Source whatsoever. Although it is obvious the Cardinal has great ability.”
Malthus “Well he has and he does see visions I have heard, but I would think it is like any skill. Everyone has a different level of aptitude. You have much aptitude in that area and since it is not a common practice amongst our circle it is not trained.”
Sagesse “But why shouldn’t it be. Why shouldn’t we press the boundaries? Why shouldn’t we see how far the Source can go, what the Source is capable of and what we are capable of through the Source?”
Malthus “Probably … Well, I have never heard of another besides you that could do this so you have to have a teacher.”
Sagesse “We have a Cardinal capable of such miracles, he laid his hands upon me and I was healed some and through that action I was able to realize how it was accomplished.”
Malthus “I did not know that.”
Sagesse “After my time in the sea my leg was severely injured and is still quite injured, which is the reason for my limp.”
Malthus “Maybe there is a protection of power or one feels that others do not have the intellect to learn it. I don’t know. While I do have his ear on many things we have never discussed this.”
Sagesse “I just find it somewhat strange that those who were supposed to be our teachers, to explain to us the nature of the Source, would withhold some of that information. I freely give you whatever information I know. I don’t expect you to understand it right away or even accept it if you don’t want to, I’m just telling you my observations.”
Malthus “While it does seem odd now that it is not pursued, at the same time, I personally didn’t even know it was an option to pursue.”
Sagesse “So I have to ask, do you think that it is their intent to keep us in the dark?”
Malthus “I am not sure it is to my aptitude. I would think that if a pupil showed such aptitude they would move forward with that. But I have seen the power you hold so it could be a worry.”
Sagesse “You say that, but by my survival (of the test) in and of its self, that shows that I had some aptitude for something and I was cast away.”
Malthus “Why do you think that you were cast away?”
Sagesse “That is a good question. I was given to walk the path of Linus so that I might earn my bishophood but …”
Malthus “I do not think you were cast away because you have the aptitude.”
Sagesse “I just find it strange that I have an aptitude that perhaps they don’t want shared. I know some of them are capable of these skills. This is an aspect of the Source, maybe even one of the most holiest aspects of the Source and it is not taught, not even to its bishops.”
Malthus “But it is also extremely powerful and those with power may not want others to have it.”
Sagesse “I don’t think it is right that they don’t tell those who are most devout to the Source the aspects of their very essence.”
Malthus “I can see where that would be a conflict of issues.”
Sagesse “And then when one, such as myself, shows an aptitude, without any instruction!”
Malthus “But it seemed to me that you hadn’t shown such aptitude until after the test.”
Sagesse “It was at the test.”
Malthus “And you were banished right after were you not?”
Sagesse “I was, I was sent way right after the test. There was only one way I could have survived the test and they know this. I don’t know why it is that they don’t want these aspects taught to other people or what.”
Malthus “Or maybe they don’t want someone with your power being controlled by the wrong people.”
Sagesse concedes finally, “Well I thought important to point it out. As always I find your intellect to be at par.”
Malthus “I will continue to think upon it. I’m not sure that anything will come of it but I will continue to think upon it.”
Sagesse “It has been a long day, I think I will take my rest.”
Marqsam and Roscius had a conversation about epitaphs and other deep subject matter and Roscius seems to jokingly suggest that Marqsam doesn’t live a life worth leading.
The evening continues to wear on and it gets colder and colder. Roscius, Marqsam and Aiden find their way to Julius to request blankets so that the party is able to stay warm. Julius offers what is left, mostly blankets that are ripped and tattered but mostly functional. Roscius asks if it would be alright to use some of the curtains from the various cages and acts. Julius begrudgingly agrees warning that they be taken down with care. The three men gather the curtains in the freezing cold getting fatigued in the process. The men bring a curtain to Malthus and Sagesse.

Malthus asks, “Was it cold enough to freeze?”
Marqsam “It felt like it!”
Malthus “I wonder how much colder it is going to have to get before ice forms on the sea?” he says, able to see his breath as he speaks.
Roscius “I have seen many things but I have never seen the ocean frozen.”
Malthus “Not frozen, just ice. Running into a large enough block of ice would probably cause quite a bit of damage to the ship.”
Marqsam “I would have assumed you (Roscius) had been that far north.”
Roscius “No I have seen one big block of ice but only once.”
There is a conversation detailing how Roscius spent decades in Aleman but nothing else is discussed that evening.
Most of the party finds it difficult to get a good night’s sleep in the frigid cold.
[* New Day – It is the 15th day of Farris *]
There is a slight chill in the air in the morning but by noon the heat outside returns to its normal, sweltering, tropical heat that is to be expected in this region.

Malthus “Can you capture some of this?” he asks Sagesse.
Sagesse “Capture what?”
Malthus &
Marqsam state in unison, “Warmth!”
Malthus “You have skills of some sort. I was hoping they would extend to my nightly comfort.”
Roscius “It was a hard night without a fire, let me tell you!”
Sagesse “I will contemplate on it but no promises.”
Malthus “There has to be straw around. Perhaps we can pack our rooms with some.”
Aiden “Good idea.”
The party goes about their established routines throughout the day. In addition the party gathers some hay for their rooms and surprisingly the prince is doing quite a bit of work.
At sunset Malthus and Sagesse are in their room compiling data and exchanging viewpoints on the Source. Roscius is singing to the crewmen and Marqsam is spending more ‘quality time’ with Atalonia. [Aiden is doing whatever it is that Aiden does]
Before sunset everyone settles into their rooms.
Sometime after the sun has set everyone in the party hears a scraping noise coming from outside the boat. It only lasted a few moments and then things seem to be normal. This alarms most everyone and they all head to the deck to see what has happened.
Sagesse and Malthus are the first to head up. Malthus stops to inform Roscius and Aiden, “we are either being boarded, or we hit something so we are headed up.”
Roscius puts on his warmest clothing and Aiden also prepares to head up. Roscius goes to Juxlado’s door and knocks.

Juxlado “Yes?”
Roscius “We have either hit something or we are being boarded.”
Juxlado “I am aware.”
Roscius “Well good! Which is it?’
Juxlado “Why don’t you go up and see?”
Roscius “But you just said that you were aware.”
(There is no further reply)
When Sagesse opens the hatch to the deck his breath is stolen by a fierce freezing wind that rushes in. The party goes up on the deck.

Roscius overhears some of the crew talking in Krondelli, “they are talking about the water freezing.”
Malthus “Well that is better than being boarded.”
Sagesse looks to the back of the boat and sees that the lights of the trailing ship have gotten closer but are still a ways away.
Looking over the railing the party can see that the water is very slushy.

Roscius sees the lights of the pursuing ship and asks, “Are you sure we are not being boarded?”
Malthus “I do not see what you are referring to.”
Roscius “The lights on that distant ship.”
Malthus “The one from the demon world?”
Sagesse “That would be the one.”
Roscius “I have not seen lights from a demon world before but they look like normal lights.”
Malthus “I cannot see those typically unless I am under the influence, are they close?”
Sagesse “They are closer.”
Malthus takes a bit of mumbaye from Aiden and partakes so he can see what the party is talking about.
Roscius “So you (Malthus) are not worried about the lights? I am worried about the lights.”
Malthus “No no, I am not saying I am not worried about the lights.”
Sagesse “That ship is closer than the last time we saw it.”
Roscius “When was! … Why did you not tell me there was a ship behind us?”
Sagesse “It didn’t come up?”
Malthus “We are going to be boarded eventually and that could be a problem.”
Roscius “I don’t know how it wouldn’t come up. ‘Hey there is a ghost ship following us!’ who would imagine that?”
Malthus “Is there anything you can do so we all can see this?”
Sagesse “I don’t know that I can. I have tried to discern how it is that we are able to see that. I have not been able to isolate it as of yet. It is something contrary to the Source, opposite perhaps.”
Roscius “Just as a suggestion, if you ever see something in the other world, for example what we now see … “
Sagesse “Let you know?”
Roscius “Please, please share. I may not be so important as I can do nothing about it but it would be nice to know.”
Sagesse “I assumed you were already aware. I was told you shook Juxlado’s hand.”
Roscius “I do not come up here often.”
It is established that no one has seen the trailing vessel in the daytime.
Roscius and Malthus have a discussion about Juxlado.
Sagesse is able to make out more detail of the ship and sees forms standing on the deck, motionless.

Malthus “So what is our plan when that ship reaches us? No offense but I don’t think that they will be friendly.”
Sagesse “I will beseech the Source to aid us in any way that I can. I know that my fire has been effective against them in the past.”
Malthus “I presume there is more than one (enemy).”
Sagesse “I can see several forms on the deck, although they do not seem to move. Their sails seem to be quite torn or they may have been gaining on us faster than they are.”
Malthus “I would guess they are not moving by the wind, that’s just a guess though.”
The night wears on and by midnight the boat is on the very edge of maximum bowshot range.
Malthus and Roscius have a discussion about the oddness of the ghost ship. Roscius mentions that he’s heard nothing of this in stories he’s heard and talks more of Juxlado.

Roscius “I can tell you this, his protection does not lend itself to staying warm.”
(Hours pass)

Malthus “We could talk to the demon.”
Roscius I will go and ask Mister Juxlado what is going on with the ship.”
At the mention of this Juxlado steps out of the shadows and everyone gets the feeling he’s been there the whole time.
Roscius “So, about the ship?”
Juxlado “Yes?”
Sagesse “Friends of yours?”
Juxlado “No, and I do not believe that it will reach you tonight.”
Malthus “Not friends maybe, but …”
Marqsam “Well good! Then I am going back to bed!”
Roscius “Do we have something to worry about? Should we worry that it will reach us by morning.”
Juxlado “I see divergent paths, but in none of them do I see them reaching this ship before tomorrow night.”
Malthus “Any recommendations?”
Roscius “Its it a good thing when they reach us, or I a bad thing when they reach us?”
Juxlado “I do not know.”
Roscius “Bad for me?”
Marqsam “Or me!”
Juxlado “Always concerned with ourselves aren’t we?”
Roscius “I only see the world through my own eyes.”
Malthus “What about our ship itself … all the members of the ship?”
Juxlado “As I said I see divergent paths.”
Roscius “And in how many of them is it bad for us? That would be good to know.”
Juxlado “I am afraid that I don’t feel it appropriate to divulge such vague and obtuse answers.”
Malthus “Are they friendly to me?”
Juxlado “I don’t think that these are friendly to any.”
Roscius “Should we prepare for them by readying ourselves for a fight tomorrow night?”
Juxlado “That is a distinct possibility.”
Roscius “And how do we kill them?”
Juxlado “How do you kill them … “
Roscius “And what are they called?”
Juxlado “What are they called?”
Roscius “It might be appropriate to answer those questions in the order they were asked.”
Juxlado “I call them …” calling the creatures by some strange name in his own language.
Sagesse understands the word and explains, “Juxlado refers to them as ‘the undead.’”
Roscius “Ok, so how do we kill them?”
Juxlado “I don’t foresee that you do.”
Roscius “How do we stop them from killing us and why are they chasing us?”
Juxlado “I feel terribly inferiorized answering all of these questions for you.”
Malthus “We do greatly appreciate it.”
Juxlado “It doesn’t seem that you do.”
Roscius “I have been nothing but civil to you and I am the one asking the questions…”
Sagesse interrupts, “Do they come for me?”
Juxlado “In a way they do, I am sorry to say.”
Sagesse “I assumed that since I have seen myself on the other side that they may be coming for me for whatever reason.”
Juxlado “I had assumed as much as well.”
Marqsam “Ok so our choices are avoid them, stop them, or kill them, what do we do?”
Juxlado “I cannot interpose directly to save you.”
Roscius “Indirectly? Such as telling us how to kill them.”
Juxlado “I will serve you as best as I can.”
Malthus “If you wouldn’t mind possibly answering another question of mine, do you see the undead, for they do not serve the source I assume.”
Juxlado “I do see, I see all things.”
Malthus “I was just curious if they serve the Source as we do.”
Juxlado “Definitely not. It is a different side of the Source.”
There is a small discussion about how fire affects them.
Roscius asks Juxlado, “So do you have any more friends on this boat?”
Juxlado “Friends? No.”
Roscius “Is there a risk to those who cannot see them as so far only three of us can, this concerns me.”
Juxlado “There is.”
Roscius “I imagine they bring the cold with them.”
Juxlado “It seems so but it depends on how you see it. Perhaps the cold brings them here.”
Sagesse “I surmise the cold is an effect of the two worlds crossing. As I mentioned before, all that I’ve seen in the other world is ice.”
Juxlado “Master Ducréateur is very wise.”
Marqsam “Can we gain some time on them in the heat of the day? Can we put some extra sail on? Get some extra speed?”
Sagesse “I will ponder that, I’ll beseech the Source.”
Aiden “That does seem like a really good idea. Do you think they have as much sail up as possible? Maybe not with the boat injured.”
Sagesse “I will see if I can find help through the Source.”
Aiden “And also be sure not to affect their sail. Do you suppose it makes a difference how far we travel during the day as to whether or not they are catching up to us?”
Sagesse “I believe they are maintaining a constant speed.”
Aiden “It seems they would be.”
Sagesse “So if our speed increases we should be able to gain distance from them.”
Sagesse clears his head of the distractions around him and focuses on the Source’s energy within himself and about him.
Sagesse makes some motions with his hands and staff and suddenly the wind picks up causing it to be very frigid, but fills the sails. Over the next hour the ghost ship does not seem to gain any more ground.
Everyone goes down below to rest.
End of Session



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